For general strategies and information about Booktalking the chapter from Connecting Young Adults and Libraries was a great resource. It was really interesting to learn some of the reasons and strategies behind Booktalking, especially for teens as an outreach opportunity in schools.

I will definitely be utilizing the information in the How Do You Write a Booktalk section, especially the notes from the What Goes in the Middle of a Booktalk section for help creating and writing the booktalk.

I was discouraged about how much of the information was for live booktalks, versus something prerecorded like our booktalk will be. Utilizing techniques like audience participation, or making changes to the presentation of the booktalk based on the live audience reactions, is not really going to be possible given the fact that we are prerecording. Almost all of the What Are the Elements of Booktalking Success points cannot really be applied to our booktalk because of the prerecorded element.

The one good thing about prerecording, is that some of the suggestions about ‘hooks’ during a booktalk will be easier to pull off, like sound effects and props, because we will have the opportunity to edit. We will also have a chance to watch our own work, and potentially screen the booktalk for friends and family to get secondary opinions about what worked and what didn’t, before actually screening the booktalk in class. Prescreening could be a lot like performing the booktalk for other library employees, or at multiple booktalk events, giving us the opportunity to find out what works, and what didn’t, while we still have an opportunity to edit accoardingly.

Many points from the chapter will be great for starting to work on the booktalk, and for the production of the booktalk. The one general suggestion from the chapter that I feel my booktalk will benefit from is to always prepare more than you actually need. In our circumstance preparing more and creating a longer booktalk will give us the opportunity to edit our videos once we visually see what is working and what is not working.

I did a little bit of searching for recorded booktalks and I thought the kid in this video did a really great job of grabbing your attention right off the bat – plus he’s booktalking The Absolute True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie which we will be reading later on this term.

Check out his video.